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Many of you who use Snapchat may wondered how could the app be used on a PC or Mac computer? The answer and solution is rather simple. Snapchat is a wonderful application and what made it super-popular was a simply genius idea of sharing your photos with your friends and/or followers for a certain period of seconds. Eventually your photo will be deleted after 24 hours. Many users described Snapchat as very fun, exciting and even on some occasions — addictive app. So no wonder why one may want to stay online on Snapchat even when using a computer. Snapchat for Internet Browsers, PCs and Macs If you want to use Snapchat via PC or Mac, the easiest way is to download the BlueStacks android emulator and use it as your phone to download the snapchat app. If you want no additional fuss installing some kind of software and want to access Snapchat within seconds — the best solution would be to use any web browser of your choice and go to official Snapchat webpage and login with your credentials. So there you have it! Just a few most basic but most effective ways to use Snapchat online on any computer! 2 SIMPLE and QUICK ways to use Snapchat via your web browser or directly from your PC or Mac!
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