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Snapchat Filters Latest Update
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Monday, June 4, 2018

Snapchat Filters Latest Update

It provides you with some added glitters and more energy to a particular snap, with fewer efforts. You just need to swipe the display area to the left or right to get the different types of Snapchat Filters you can apply to a picture.

The one thing that is most essential is to have the Snapchat Updated with the latest version. So if you haven’t upgraded the application for a long time, it will be more desirable to upgrade it to enjoy all the Snapchat Filters available till now. You can upgrade it using the Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iOS users.

It is recommended to turn on the Location Services because location access may be required for some Snapchat Filters which include the current place or temperature.

Now we will see the different types of Snapchat Filters that can be applied to a particular snap. The filters are as follows:

Snapchat Geo-Filters – These filters are more based on the accurate location and place of yours. This includes three forms.

  • First for the city, which has few filters that are used to represent the city in which you are. Normally it is shown by name.
  • Secondly is the community which consists of artwork that has been officially approved by App. In this branded logos are not allowed.
  • A third is the On Demand category in which the users and the company can modify their own Snapchat Filter by paying. This is restricted to that geographical location only and here branded logos are allowed.

Know everything about Snapchat Geo-Filters Here

Snapchat Filters for Videos – In this, you can modify the recorded videos by applying the following functions on it.

  • Rewind which helps in playing a recorded video backwards including the sound within it made available after last Snapchat Update
  • Faster Fast Forward, this one is shown by a rabbit within a rectangular box which speeds up the video by twice it’s original speed including the sound with it.
  • Fast Forward speeds up the video but not as fast as the Faster Fast Forward. Here only the rabbit comes in the display area.
  • Slow motion represented by a snail slows down the video with the audio also slowing down in nature.

Snapchat Data Filters – This filter is provided to add some detailing part about the snap taken. Information like Battery Life, Temperature, Time & Date and your current Speed when you clicked the picture, all these are included in Data Filters. This is also part of Snapchat Update

Snapchat Color Filters – The settings in which you can change the color of the pictures. You can use available color options and it is limited. You will get surprised results by using it.

I this Snapchat Update will pour colors in the way use photo messaging application. This will increase the fun as well.



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