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hi i am jessica from california
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018



I am Jessica Miller, one of the foremost Reiki Master teachers in California, having trained over 3500 people in Reiki, including many nurses. I got involved in this issue when i tried to get a CE provider number for my new ReikiMastery Institute and was told by the California BRN "It has been determined that Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) including Reiki, is not part of the Practice of Nursing"

I have been working on the California CE issue for Nurses for the last few months. There is a meeting of the CA BRN Education/licensing board on Thursday May 12th.

I have been in contact with Terri Roberts, Executive director of the AHNA and she is sending someone to speak. She suggested that additional people attending, especially nurses would be valuable.

Since time is of the essence, and not many people can go to South San Francisco to attend a 9am meeting on such short notice, I am writing to ask if you have particular contacts that you can forward this to.

This issue affects ALL Complementary/Alternative CE Providers, and nurses wishing to incorporate holistic healing in their practice.

More detail is below, and on linked page on my website, and a way to be added to a mailing list to be kept apprised of future developments.

With love and healing,
Jessica Miller

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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