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Snapchat Login Online Web Account Sign In (Guide 2018)
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Snapchat Login Online Web Account Sign In (Guide 2018)

Snapchat is a very popular social media app and I frankly think that it needs no introduction whatsoever. The biggest eye-catching feature of the app is that you can send short-lived photos and videos, which are better known as “Snaps”. However, the other person can only see them for a short amount of time.


After that, they disappear because of the app’s built in default mechanism. This shows us that the privacy of users is maintained and it prevents the misuse of the snaps. Anyways, we must get going and discuss the topic of Smapchat Login Online.

Snapchat Login Online

If you have been using Snapchat for some time now, then you know how it works. You take photos and videos and send them to your friends. They can only view them for some seconds that you decided. But the true essence of the app is that you’ll only enjoy it when you are using it on a smartphone.


So, using it on a PC doesn’t make any sense and nor should it do. That’s the reason the developers haven’t made a PC version of the app. But what you can do on a PC is the Snapchat Login on the official website and manage your account as you see fit.

Now, you can think of this Snapchat Login process as a way to handle your account when you are not busy making funny faces for snaps. You can do a lot of things like create your snapcode, unlock or delete your account, or even download your app data.

There is enough information here that’ll take you on a trip on what to do with Snapchat Web. You may want to refer the following subsections to get a clearer idea about the specifics.

Create a Snapcode:

  • Remember QR code? Who wouldn’t? It came out swinging but failed miserably at doing what it aimed to do. Still, it is in use in some places and apps but not much. Snapcode is an identity of a “Snapchatter”; if that is what you are calling yourselves nowadays.
  • Snapcode is a great initiative by the folks over at Snap Inc. What it does is that it lets you add people just by scanning their snapcode. As you can imagine, each and every snapcode is unique.
  • Bottom line, if you have the snapcode of a person, you can add them in an instant. You can get your own from HERE SNAPCHAT ONLINE. Click this link and log in using your Snapchat Login credentials.
  • After that, click on My Snapcode. You have the option to make a new one and then download it.

Snapchat Online: My Data

  • Once you have logged into your Snapchat Online Account, you can do a lot of other things like this one right here. My Data is a rather newer addition to the bunch. Snapchat collects your data after you have made an account.
  • This data includes your email, phone number, your snaps on Live stories, etc. You can download some of this data from the app itself. But if you want the whole thing, you have to do Snapchat Login on a browser and then click on My Data.
  • Click on Submit Request and follow the instructions to download your data. Though this may seem good, you can only do this a couple of times per day. You can get info on your snap count, account and purchase history, etc. through this data.
  • On-demand Geo Filters:

    • Geo-Filters is a feature that has spread like wildfire among the youth. It is a filter that only you can use in accordance with your location. You have to first create one on your phone or PC and it should be of the resolution 1080×1920.
    • Then, head over to Snapchat Online, log in and click on “Create Now”. Follo the instructions to make your geo-filter and they will also have guidelines on how to use it.

Unlocking a Snapchat Login Account:

  • Life can be cruel sometimes and so can be Snapchat. If you have been doing some nasty activities, then Snapchat Login won’t be possible for you anymore. These are some of the reasons why might have been locked out of your Account.
    • Using third-party apps to access Snapchat.
    • Applying Tweaks to modify the original app.
    • Sending spams or unruly messages.
    • Adding people without verifying your number or email.
  • In case it is locked, go to Snapchat Sign in Online and try to log in and follow the instructions.

Resetting the password:

  • To err is human, to….. well, you know how it goes. Humans tend to forget things and passwords are no special things to boost memory. So, if you have trouble remembering your password, you can also reset your password using Online Snapchat Sign in. Just click here, log in and change your password by following the guidelines.

Deleting the account:

  • Sometimes good things don’t last long and if you want to bid farewell to your buddies on Snapchat, then you may want to delete your account. Snapchat Login in its website will help you with that. Just sign in at Snapchat login online and select “Delete Account“.
  • After you confirm the deletion, you will have 30 days, during which your account will remain deactivated. So, if you have a change of heart and decide that you can’t live without Snapchat, then that 30 day period is your window. After that, your account will be permanently deleted and there is no turning back.

These are all the things that are possible with Snapchat Web Login Procedure. You can do several things as mentioned above and they sure are useful for a user.

Now that we have discussed the highs and lows of the procedure, I would like to conclude this article on Snapchat Login Online and Sign in. I would like to think that you have a proper understanding of things. If you need more info or have any issues, come to us at Snapchat Login without hesitation.

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